Steven E. Carr is a registered Belief Strategist¬ģ, hypnotherapist, performance coach, and Kolbe¬ģ Certified Consultant.

He specializes in optimizing the subconscious mind to help people overcome limiting beliefs and habits which are currently preventing them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. 

Steven has four children, two grandchildren, and currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

The Belief Strategist ¬ģ

Consider your belief system like a software program. When software code is corrupted or outdated it cannot execute effectively, thus failing to deliver the desired and expected results.

Our minds are like software that run on the brain and are also vulnerable to mental viruses that prevent execution of our highest performance, thereby limiting our highest potential for success.

These viruses are commonly referred to as limiting beliefs, anxiety, unproductive habits, low confidence, etc.

I specialize in helping people optimized their MINDSET to free themselves of the subconscious glitches that sabotage their performance and goals.


Imagine your ideal life.  If from this moment forward everything worked out exactly as you wished - what would need to change?  What would need to happen?  What would need to stop happening? 

If you're like most people, the composite image you have in your imagination (the movie you see in your mind) of your ideal life is constructed with various improvements in the areas of finance, health, relationships, material gains, emotions, and accomplishments. 

Within that fantasy, you have very specific beliefs about what constitutes:

  • the ideal relationship
  • the ideal career
  • the ideal location to live
  • the ideal home
  • the ideal number of offspring
  • the ideal car
  • the ideal travel schedule
  • the ideal social life,
  • and so much more 
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Your entire "ideal world" is based on these beliefs.  You also have beliefs about how you'll accomplish the goals necessary to realize these ideal dreams... and even beliefs on why you won't.

  • I'm too old / too young
  • I don't have money / investors<
  • I don' t have the right education / connections
  • I can't leave my current job / hometown / social network

There are so many beliefs about so many things inside your mind that it would be impossible to identify all of them.  These beliefs help write the software program of your subconscious mind.


It is estimated 95% of our life is controlled by our subconscious mind.  Consider that!

Consider the fact you are consciously controlling only 5% of your life.  The rest is being run on auto-pilot, behind the scenes, and you hardly ever notice it's in control.

So the question becomes... 
is your subconscious programmed to help you realize your dreams... or programmed to block you from your ideal life?

A simple way to determine that is to calculate how far off course you are from experiencing that ideal life.

Let's consider the analogy that your brain is a computer and your mind is the software.  95% of this software runs in the background as your subconscious. 

Glitches in the software prevent you from running the necessary programs to achieve the success you desire. 

These programs directly affect your goals and ambitions.  What causes these programming glitches?  When two opposing scripts (beliefs) get sent through the processor, a glitch occurs.   Opposing beliefs, even of minor differences, can reek havoc on your desired outcomes.  This happens ALL the time.

Do your plans and goals always seem to get thwarted no matter what you try?  Have you started habits and routines aimed at getting you to where you want to be, only to (sooner or later) lapse back-into your old familiar self?

Thwarted dreams typically have very little to do with your abilities and talents.  They are thwarted due to faulty programming running in the background.

The Belief Strategist ¬ģ method of reprogramming you for success not only works but has lasting results.

Humans are essentially driven by five subconscious forces:  Instincts, Emotions, Beliefs, Memories, and Imagination.  And it is the interplay of these forces which creates all the magic and mayhem that ultimately decides our success, happiness, and destiny.