The Belief Strategist™

Mindset Seminars

Steven Carr offers a unique talent-stack for business and organizational seminar events.

A hypnotherapist with over 25 years in sales, marketing, and advertising, and a background in Communications/Psychology, Steven enjoys sharing his insights with audiences of all sizes and philosophies.

He does not do stage hypnosis - but rather explains belief systems and the subconscious mind in ways useful toward inspiring, motivating, and advancing your team's goals.

Whether you are looking to inspire your team, grow your sales, solidify your corporate culture, or simply provide your employees with practical insights on how to optimize human performance, Steven can tailor a presentation that fits your objectives.

Some of the most popular topics requested include:

  • Mastering The Habit Wheel to improve your success and accomplish any goal
  • 4 Personality Motivators that not only affect your clients, but also your staff's success
  • Understanding hypnosis and the subconscious mind
  • How belief systems affect everything - including your brand, your offer, and your approach
  • The 4 Powers and how to cultivate them
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NOTE: As we tailor each seminar to the needs of the host, all bookings require a minimum of two weeks advanced scheduling, four weeks for out of state (Ohio) appearances.

Please contact to discuss your company needs as well as terms and fees.